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Aesthetics by "CC" - Healthy skin is the perfect foundation.

Advanced Skin 
Care Services

ABCC Signature Facial $85
Deep cleanse with up to 5 exfoliation steps. This facial is customized to meet skin needs/client goals and covers the face, neck and décolletage.  Includes extractions, light tweeze clean of brows (add brow clean with wax $10), mask, massage of upper body, serums, moisturizer, and daytime sun protection. Skin leaves relaxed and renewed and results last for days. Upgrade to a Bio Cell+ Collagen Mask from Le Mieux for $10!

Meridian Massage Facial $65
For complete relaxation and renewed skin, try this ancient form of facial detoxification. PurErb Essential Oils take you on an exotic voyage of the senses while Gua Sha, a technique practiced for thousands of years, is performed to release stagnant fluid and tension in the face and upper body. Face appears less puffy and firmer.  A stimulating scalp massage is included in this therapy. Your mind is relaxed and your skin is lifted, hydrated and glowing. Perfect before any special occasion! 

LED Phototherapy Treatments $115

After cleansing, exfoliating, and extractions, relax for 30 minutes under the Celluma® LED panel. Blue lightwaves paired with NIR kill bacteria, encourage cellular repair, increase circulation, and fight inflammation. After LED, a kaolin-rich mask is applied to further pull out impurities from the skin. This treatment ends with acne fighting serums, moisturizer to soothe & hydrate, and sunscreen to protect during daytime hours. Treatment is recommended 2-3 times/wk for 4-6 weeks. Twice monthly for maintenance. 
1 Session - $115
8 Sessions - $825 
12 Sessions - $1170 

Clinical treatment accelerates tissue repair, improves skin tone, texture, clarity, brightness, increase circulation, while fighting inflammation. FDA approved to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After cleansing, exfoliating, a Vitamin C treatment, and light extractions, relax for 30 minutes under the Celluma® LED panel with red lightwaves paired with NIRAfter LED, the award winning Bio Cell + Collagen Mask from Le Mieux is applied to further brighten skin and soften lines. The treatment finishes with more award winning serums and moisturizer from Le Mieux, and sunscreen to protect during daytime hours. Depending upon age and damage to skin, treatment is recommended 2-3 times/wk for 8-12 weeks. 2-4x monthly for maintenance.
1 session - $115
12 sessions - $1170
20 sessions - $1,950

Ricki Special $125
Can't decide between a massage or facial? Neither could Ricki, so she requested a combination that became an immediate sensation - and a popular gift! We begin with a 30 minute back/upper body massage then pair it with a a facial. Deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, moisture, daytime SPF, and PURE BLISSFULNESS!


Radio Frequency(RF) Tightening $35
Ideal for those 50+ who would like to see more tightening of lax skin. Recommended 1x/week for 6 weeks, then 1-2x/month for maintenance. 

NuFace® Ultimate Lift $35
For those who maintain their skin, but would like to see more "lift", the first FDA approved hand-held micro current tool used to lift and facial muscles. The results last 1-3 days, but build with repeat treatments.

Gua Sha (scraping) $25
Drain the face and upper body of excess fluids and tension to leave skin radiant, firm, and lifted. Not recommended for active breakouts or active, flared rosacea. 

Le Mieux's award winning collagen mask delivers brightened skin that is also refined, lifted, hydrated, firmer, and more supple after just 1 treatment!

Stimulating Scalp Masssage $25
Scalp massage using an oil designed specifically with pure plant botanicals from the PurErb skin care line. A blend of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, frankincense, and rosewood is applied with circular movements to stimulate the scalp and relax the mind. Since no heavy carrier oils - only essential oils - are used, scalp is left feeling "tingly" and "cool", but hair is not weighed down.

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