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Waxing Services

The gentlest, most effective strip and hard waxes from the #1 brand in Australia have been carefully selected and chosen to fit her client's needs. Skin is prepped and sanitized prior to treatment. Gloves are ALWAYS worn to protect exposed skin. This is NOT a speed competition! Attention and detail are given to ensure clients are as comfortable as possible, and "CC" NEVER, EVER DOUBLE DIPS!

While no esthetician can absolutely guarantee a client won't break out or experience some irritation following a waxing procedure, "CC" carefully cleans, hydrates and soothes the skin before and after each treatment to ensure the best possible results.

Waxing services are not suitable for clients with a history of diabetes or hemophilia, currently undergoing cancer treatments, or using blood thinners. Also not recommended for those currently, or recently, using Accutane, nor is it recommended for those using oral or topical medications prescribed by a doctor as an acne treatment.  These include, but are not limited to:

Retin A

PLEASE NOTE: some products and ingredients can cause skin to become sensitive and/or thin, resulting in "pulled skin" during a waxing treatment. Please let "CC" know during your consultation if you are using any of the following:

Acne medications not listed above
Bleaching agents for hair on the area to be treated
Bleaching agents to combat hyperpigmentation on the area to be waxed
Chemical depilatories
Benzoyl peroxide
Alpha Hydroxy (Glycolic, Lactic) Acids
Oral Antibiotics
Topical Antibiotics
Salicylic Acid

It is also essential that the guidelines listed below be understood and followed when considering a waxing service:

  • Waxing is not done on burned, irritated skin or on areas showing signs of broken or open wounds.
  • Moles cannot be waxed.
  • Waxing cannot be done on laser resurfaced skin, or on skin receiving a deep, doctor administered peel within 2 years of treatment.
  • Wait a minimum of 7 days before waxing skin resurfaced using light chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
  • Waxing cannot be done the same day as tanning bed use - not before OR after.
  • Exposure to sun or tanning booths should be halted for 2 days following a wax service.  Up to 3 days if you utilize a tan accelerator.
  • The following must be avoided a minimum of 24 hours following waxing services: Over exertion or strenuous activity resulting in increased perspiration, hot baths, hot showers, steam, hot tubs/whirlpools/spas, contact with the just waxed area, abrasives/exfoliants, deodorants (after underarm waxing), tight/friction causing clothing.
  • Women may experience heightened discomfort when receiving a wax treatment the week prior to and during their period. 
  • To reduce folliculitis, breakouts and in-grown hairs, we recommend physical exfoliation of the area 24 hours after waxing and chemical exfoliation beginning 48 hours after a wax service.

Brow Design/Shape (wax, tweeze, fill)  $20
Brow Clean (wax &/or tweeze) $15
Lips or Chin $15
Nose or Ears $15
Cheeks, Jawline or Neck $20
Face  $40
Underarms  $30
Half Arms (below elbow)  $35
Full Arms (above elbow to hand)  $40
Hands  $20
Half Legs  $40
Full Legs  $60
Full Leg + Bikini Line  $80
Feet  $20
Toes  $15
Feet & Toes  $30
Bikini Line (front only) new/touch up   $30+
French Bikini (front only; thin triangle)  $40+  
Model (inside cheeks & front removed; thin strip left)  $50+
Barbie Doll (inside cheeks & front removed; nothing left)  $60+
Seat Cheeks $30+
Just a trim of the hair down there  $20

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